How to keep Warm and in Winter with Uniqlo Heattech

layering with Uniqlo Heatthec holiday_style-4

Keep you body warm and in Winter with Uniqlo Heattech

Today I am revealing one of my High-thech fashion secret weapon on how I keep my body warm in Winter. Well, lots of people had asked me if I am not feeling cold when I use certain outfits on cold days because some of them don’t look warm enough.

The secret? I have layered one or some times two UNIQLO HEATTHEC shirt underneath. What is that? If you haven’t heard about Uniqlo Heathech line you don’t know what you are missing!  It’s amazing and a must-have product for the winter season! Created with a Japanese technology that has special fibers trap the moisture produced from our body and converts it to heat! Uniqlo Heatthec are extremely soft, gives you a perfect fit while keeping you body warm. On my pictures, I am wearing the Heattech Crew Neck style under my sweatshirt and it kept me warm and comfortable all day! It comes in several colors and on sale for $9.90!( For Black Friday weekend sale)

I have been living in these UNIQLO layers every fall/Winter. I became a huge Uniqlo Heatthec products fan since it was first introduced into the market couple year ago and have always recommended it to my friends.

Its been a pleasure to collaborate this campaign with UNIQLO because I truly love this brand and products. So yes, they did sent me send the Heattech products to review but this is my own opnion. As I mentioned before I have bought Heattech products before in a variety of colors because it is part of my basic everyday wear either layered and under my sweaters and even underneath dresses, and some times solo.

Oh and they do have Heatthech Legging and tights as well and I highly recommend to buy them both, (leggings and tights- the leggings are kinda think enough to not show your undergarments or skin but make sure you wear a underwear in the same.

On very chilly days I always wear a wear the Heatthech tigths underneath my pants (jeans, trousers and even underneath other leggings )  and Trust me and makes a huge difference.

 In conclusion, I usually wear Uniqlo Heattch pieces underneath everything because they are so thin and add warmth, but not bulk!

I definitely recommend you check out UNIQLO.

Uniqlo Heatthec holiday_style-15 holiday_style-23 holiday_style-33Wear it at home 🙂

Uniqlo Heatthec holiday_style-40 holiday_style-49 holiday_style-53Dress up elegant and warm with  Heattech tight  

holiday_styleSolo with a leather jacket

blackfur_shinny_legging_lic-36 Heattech Leggings


Long Vest to Upgrade your Fall Outfit

Long vest to upgrade your look

Hi gorgeous, I believe long vest is your best choice to upgrade your fall outfit effectively. They are versatile and adds instantly style with minimum effort. I am wearing a pretty casual black & white long sleeve with leather skirt but adding this white vest definitely took my look to the next level.

Be creative and try to style your outfits with long vests. There will be a list at the end of this post with some vests in a variety of colors for you to choose and consider re-creating some of your outfits. You can use a sassy long vest to pair a long skirt, a white shirt or even a pair of jeans.

Now, let’s talk about my lace-up pumps from Nina Shoes for a second. How amazing are my Francie style they?!! They are extremely comfortable. I simply adore it. Wearing lace-up shoes (both heels and flats) are a great way to freshen up your look, making you look ever-so-stylish.
 For the chillier days I’d wear it a black thigh with this outfit and if I want to create a more dramatic look I’d go for a fishnet thighs and black knee high boots.

 Get inspired and have a useful long vest as well. Now you are ready to glam your casual looks with them.

leather-skirt_maxi_vest-01-16 leather-skirt_maxi_vest-01-14 leather-skirt_maxi_vest-01-11 leather-skirt_maxi_vest-01-6 leather-skirt_maxi_vest-01-19 leather-skirt_maxi_vest-01-22 leather-skirt_maxi_vest-01-24 leather-skirt_maxi_vest-01-34 Long Vest to upgrade your outfit

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Take your Ribbed Cami Slip dress to the Next Level

Ribbed Cami Dress

Today I want to show you how to dress up your ribbed Cami dress.

Yes, I am in NYC and its Fall. There was two days, actually three or even four, that the Weather temperature in this fall dropped down and one of them dramatically and no jackets were needed so I headed over to Soho with a Blogger friend for a little shopping and grab some food. I had totally forgot to post this one before (like many others pictures lol). While editing new pictures for future blog posts I saw them  just and felt like sharing with you, not to mention that the weather is much cooler now and I wouldn’t be able to wear it without turning blue in just couple minutes but I still consider a transitional piece and is definitely possible to wear it with other garments underneath and a fur coat. 

This beautiful slip ribbed cami dress from Express is perfect for skinny bodies but also for girls with some curves. It does up its curve appeal due to it ribbed fabric and makes you get all eyes on you. It’s a very casual look but can also be sexy, and one thing to to remember when wearing these kinda dress you can direct it to different ways and you have to be careful because it’s easy to dress this look up or down.

In this look I wanted some thing more causal with a twist of elegance so I paired with the Valentino Rockstuded shoes and a printed square scarf from Diane von Furstenberg. As you can see it, the scarf added a touch of class while covering my ‘’decolleté/Decollétaggé (in current French-  the upper part of a woman’s torso that is exposed by the neckline of her clothing) making the dress less revealing. Added a shopping Prada bag and voi-lá I was ready to explore the Soho.

I hope you like this post. This dress is currently sold out but I had added similar ones and they are on sale. There are few different ways to wear a ribbed cami dress and dress up to mix it for a more edgy, cool casual style a good option is a jacket ,oversized plaid, chambray or silky shirt tied around the waist. I helps to break up this look and adds an extra bit of dressed-down flair.

Scroll through to see three of our favorite ways to wear it right now!

Oie! Quero registrar rapidinho esse look e dizer que esse vestido da EXPRESS esta na promoção. no final do post tem as fotinha e você pode clicar pra comprar. Esse look usei pra ir ao Soho a um mês atras quando o clima tinha dado uma caida. Sim eu também tinha uma jaqueta, que ficou guardada com minha amiga enquanto faziamos as fotos. Nesse dia fez até um certo calor!! kkk. E não é que eu tinha esquecido de postar essas fotos, dai as vi hoje e resolvi postar mesmo com o friozinho que está fazendo. Afinal de contas daria pra ainda usa-lo com meias, e um casaco mais pesado, sem contar que tenho seguidores de varios lugares com climas diferente, outros que viajam de férias.

Lembrem-se que esse tipo de vestido com essa malha fica mais colado no corpo e pode levar o look para uma direçao mais vulgar , ou estilosa vai depender de como você combina. Nesse dia eu optei por um salto baixo Valentino e um lenço no pescoço assim daria mais classe e cobriria o decote. mas já usei com tenis e jaqueta amarrada na cintura.  Vamos aos detalhes?


Elevate your ribbed cami dress express_dress_soho-10 express_dress_soho express_dress_soho-01-3 express_dress_soho-01-4 express_dress_soho-13 express_dress_soho-01-10 express_dress_soho-01-14 valentino-blue-fall soho-express-dressstyling your ribber cami dress

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Double Burgundy and Shimmering Ankle Boots

Burgundy lover and leather jacket

I am a burgundy lover. Today I am wearing double burgundy and a shimmering ankle boots. I think burgundy its one of the most beautiful and rich Fall colors and its enhance my skin tone. Burgundy It flatters like black but never looks boring. I am a wine lover so a burgundy outfit just shows how wine goes with everything.

 The weather was so nice during the day, I usually like to wear a Uniqlo Heattech under my sweaters so it keep me warmer without creating a bulky look.  I wore this outfit to the Rachel Zoe x Vogue Magazine pop up party last week (as seen in this past blog post). I wanted to wear a more neutral/monochromatic look and keep it casual but at the end I decided to add some black elements and use my new shiny sock ankle boots from Zara still keeping a neutral color theme.

Talking about my new boots… I saw this boots about a month ago but went to order and it was sold up so I happened to sign up for email notifications and finally was able to get my hands on a pair once they were back in stock. This pair of shimmering gunmetal ankle boots cost $60, it is sort of a party boots but they can easily be dressed up or down. It is like a sock-like fit, making them a great option to pair with wide-leg and cropped denim flares. I just checked ZARA website and I see there is a new color (dark pink) so I might get it. (Oh, and I do recommend going one size up )

Screw down to see my outfit details

burgundy outfitburgundy and leather jacketrachelzoe_shopsimon-26 rachelzoe_shopsimon-22rachelzoe_shopsimon-29joe malone stores

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Rachel Zoe x Vogue Magazine Pop Up Party

Rachel zoe and vogue magazine partyRachel Zoe and Vogue party at Shopsimon


 Last week I got invited by Simon Malls to attend Rachel Zoe x Vogue Magazine pop Up party at Roosevelt Field Mall along with other influencers. I made plan to have a quick breakfast with two other bloggers before we head over to The Rodger Hotel were the bus was picking us up and we arrived right on time to leave and at 11am we headed over to Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City, Long Island-NY.

  Upon our arrival we were welcomed with 2 waitresses holding trays with options to glass of champagne and 3 different flavors of juice to choose from but of course I picked the champagne but later on I tried the delicious mango juice.  The area was beautifully decorated with furniture and accessories from Z GALLERY.  After getting comfortable and sip some drinks they gifted us with Rachel Zoe Box of Style (a subscription box) and soon we started doing the bloggers thing, take pictures, including selfies, Snapchat, Instastorie. Then the boss babe Rachel Zoe arrived and all the attention and eyes went to her. After a while and more pictures she headed over to the stage were many people were waiting to her presentation and interview. She amazing, besides been a celebrity stylist that created her own fashion brand that has a chic and polished style by the way, she is an example of smart, powerful and brave woman.

 It was a fun day, filled with fresh cocktails, surrounded by new fellow bloggers, see the beautiful clothing from Rachel’s latest collection as well as the latest collection of one of my favorite handbags brand: FURLA! Visit Jo Malone store, get some samples and take a mini flowers bouquet home. After Couple hours we returned to the bus and headed back to Manhattan. And the first thing I did when I got back home was to open my Rachel Zoe box of style to see what was inside. 🙂

The weather was so beautiful and I wanted to dress more comfortable so I paired a pair off burgundy legging with a burgundy sweater to create a mix of monochromatic outfit with a black leather jacket and low heel boots.

My big thanks to Roosevelt Field Mall , Rachel Zoe and Vogue Magazine for having me as a VIP guest and provide such a great time.

Scroll below to see details of the event

Oi Amore, semana passada fui convidada junto com outras blogueiras para um evento da estilista Rachel Zoe junto com a Vogue no Roosevelt Field Mall, um shopping em Long Island, NY. Eles nos levaram de van, e ao chegar ao local fomos recebidas com coqueteis com opcoes para champanhe e 3 sabores de sucos. Ganhamos uma sacola cheia de Presentinhos da marca Rachel Zoe, fizemos muitas fotos, conhecemos a poderosa Rachel Zoe que alem de ter sua marca é estilista das celebridades. Logo em seguida ela deu uma entrevista onde varias pessoas estavam sentadas assistindo. Foi um dia muito bacana. A Rachel é surpreendente, uma mulher linda, forte, confidente e poderosa.Veja detalhes do evento a seguir…

rachelzoe_shopsimon-17 rachelzoe_shopsimon-20 simon_rachelzoe138 simon_rachelzoe077 simon_rachelzoe068 simon_rachelzoe279 simon_rachelzoe026 Rachel Zoe and Vogue party at Shopsimonrachelzoe_shopsimon-50rachelzoe_shopsimon-29rachelzoe_shopsimon-32rachelzoe_shopsimon-37rachelzoe_shopsimon-48rachelzoe_shopsimon-59simon_rachelzoe450Joe Malone store Some of the pictures were taken by me, while others were Photographed by Tory Williams

I truly encourage you to take a look on Rachel Zoe’s latest collection check it out here

Here are my fave pieces from Rachel’s collection: